Cooperation between Fröhlich & Duff Shirts 2011

Blickfang 2011, Vienna

Fröhlich was again on the 1st floor of Blickfang, in MAK, VIENNA.

Modezone Linz 2011

Regular pilgrammage to Linz happened again for 2011's Modezone in Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz, Austria with 30 other young designers.

Modepalast 2011, Vienna

Now almost a regular date, Fröhlich was at this year's Modepalast, in MAK, VIENNA.

Xmas Market 2010 - Herrmanns Strandbar

In freezing December Fröhlich was at the Xmas Market in Vienna's best beach bar, Strandbar Herrman, Donaukanal, with 20 other young designers.

Modezone Linz 2010

Modezone 2010 in Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz, Austria was where Fröhlich was to find with 30 other young designers in November.

Blickfang Vienna 2010

For the second year running, Fröhlich was at Blickfang Design Fair, MAK, Vienna 2010.

Opening of "Fröhlich ATELIER"

The Fröhlich Atelier opened on 8th May 2010 - check out SHOP for address and opening times!

Modepalast Vienna 2010

Fröhlich was at Modepalast 2010 in Vienna's MAK, with a host of other young designers!

Modezone Linz 09

Fröhlich was at Modezone 2009 in Linz, Austria with 30 other young designers!

Blickfang Vienna 09

Together with a healthy mix of fashion, furniture and jewelry designers Fröhlich was at Blickfang Design Fair Vienna 09.

Modepalast Vienna 2009, Museums Quartier